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Our motto for our New Homes Bali / Rumah DiBali is always to combine our homes with the environment as sustainability is a best-practice approach to home building.  

We bring together aesthetics, design, construction, security, damp proofing technology and cost, all with an environmental emphasis. Needless to say Bali is surrounded by water and sits on a high water table, it is important to harness technology to prevent water soaking through the structure, this we have done using proven chemical technologies, this is known as “tanking” which forms a barrier ensuring the living space is secure and the structure safe from damage.  Other initiatives include; we have included are to distribute power, stop contacts throughout the home ensuring power is always where you need it to be.

Come see the future, Invest for the future Rumah Dijual DiBali , come see a Bali Puri Gelis home.

Rumah Di Bali

Sidakarya Residence

Jln Kerta Dalem Sar 1

Type 150/173 & 173/135

Ganda Pura Residence

Jln Ganda Pura IV

Type 135/160


3 KT  + AC,

Hot & Cold water,



Kitchen Set,


Call Sulis: 0813 337 831183

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Bali Puri Gelis


Dua Unit: Sidakarya

Jln Kerta Dalem Sari 1

Linking the past to the future


All dua Lantai (two floors) have hotel light switches to ensure the stairs can be lit from the 1st floor or from the 2nd floor If there is a joint en-suite between 2nd and 3rd bedrooms i.e. the bathroom is shared between two bedrooms then a hotel light switch is installed in each bedroom.

Bathrooms are generally en-suite and include rain showers as the picture shows above.  These homes are built to last and include features that are required for today’s living lifestyle, modern standards and conveniences such as well equipped kitchen sets, hot and cold water etc.

all our homes come with

a statuary guarantee against defects     

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Registered Office:

Bali Puri Gelis

Gang Gateb 7

Jalan Kherta Dalem Sari 1

Denpasar, 80225 Bali

Tel: +62 (0) 813 337 831183

+62 (0) 361 8627373

+62 (0) 361 8950381
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